I’ve had a fantastic ride with lots of ups and downs, with many curves and turns. I started life with love in my heart and had pain, gains, and losses as I grew.

I was blessed to experience challenges and changes happen as I discovered the meaning of my life. I loved, cared, and rejoiced, but I never hated. I’ve always felt life is about forgiveness, love, helping, and caring for all creatures—except maybe for bugs, snakes, and spiders.

But the one thing I never gave up on was hope! Hope that I would feel better when sick, hope that I would feel true love, hope that people would respect what I did, hope that I made a difference in the lives of others, hope that others would smile at one another, hope that someone felt special from my actions. The hope, the love, the life, the dream of being able not to just give, but the gift of being able to receive. It took me too long to learn that I deserved to receive love and the gift of a good life.

I didn’t always make the right choices and waited for the reaction to my action, but I made decisions based on my hope and dreams of happiness. I used to ask myself, what would make me happy?

After years of asking, I realized… it truly was my attitude. Me! My outlook, the love I was born with. I had it in my heart and didn’t realize it until now. I made myself laugh, cry, smile, stress, love, care, and even dream. No one else should have that much control. It was my life and it was up to me to pass on the smile, the love, and the hope.

Hope brings possibility, and if you don’t have hope, what do you have left?

I wasn’t world famous, but I was famous in someone’s world. I hope!


Rose Chamberlain – HOPE

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