Don’t Sell what you do; Tell who you are

“Don’t sell what you do; tell who you are.”

This is something I was told at one of my first networking meetings, and it’s why I now ask a different question at every Coffee & Connections meeting. I encourage you to tell your story of who you are and why you do what you do. It’s so we can get to know each other, and find out if we trust and like each other—our hobbies, political views, religion, careers, and values are all different, and in Coffee and Connections we respect each other’s differences (although you may have noticed that we do not discuss politics or religion).

Some of the questions are business/networking related—like “What persuaded you to start your business?” “Who would make a good business marketing partner for you?” “What business tool are you in need of?” and “Who is your perfect client?”

But many questions are also simply fun to answer—such as “Where is your favorite vacation spot?” “What was your first job?” “What is your favorite color?” and “Do you have a hobby you really enjoy?”

Whether they’re personal or business-related, all the questions are important. Why? Because they all get you talking about the one subject you know the best—YOU!

I have grown to truly love and respect this group of ladies, and I admire the risk you all take by putting yourselves out there when you share a little of who you are at the meetings. If it weren’t for the questions, I wouldn’t have gotten to know all of you on a deeper level, and I wouldn’t have felt comfortable doing business with you. I’m not saying you have to be besties with everyone; what I suggest is that we should at least hear each other’s story and see who they are, not just what they do. You may not be in need of the services of everyone who attends the meetings, but I’m sure you will come in contact with someone who may need their services or products. And doesn’t it feel great to refer each other and help each other succeed in business? It’s a little like paying it forward. (Actually, it’s a lot like that.)

At Coffee & Connections, we all love sharing who we are and what drives us, and we want each other to succeed. As you stand in front of the room telling us a little bit about yourself—whether it’s your very first visit or your hundredth—we’ll always do our best to support you, inspire you, and enhance your life.